Lutyens’ Delhi


Synopsis: Kanchan Chaya, a beautiful young girl from Chandni Chowk ventures into political circles of Delhi and becomes a threat to the government creating the biggest sex and media scandal of the time. She becomes Miss Delhi at the age of 17 and grabs Delhi’s attention. She heads to Lutyens’ Delhi. Kanchan comes across royal families who still believe they are the kings and rule the nation, bureaucrats who think they are running the country. Their mindset is feudal, their life-style is lavish and they consider themselves above everyone else. She meets a large spectrum of people. Politicians who misuse power for their own benefit and take people of this country for granted; arms dealers who make huge commission and control power worldwide; gangsters who work hand in glove with the politician, business tycoons who think they feed people of India, Naxalites who claim they are the real well-wishers of the nation- threatening the power at the center, arrogant journalists who think the government is surviving because of them, frustrated sportsters who always cry for facilities and respect, film stars who think they are god’s gift to mankind, powerful godmen who claim that they can change everything in a snap of their fingers.  She meets pimps, brokers, touts, dealers, fixers, mafias, magicians, and terrorist leaders calling themselves freedom fighters. She travels the entire world.  She becomes a regular at the golf course, press club, North block- South block, 7 Race Course, Chanakyapuri, etc. She acquires power and wealth to such a level that she books land on the moon. She has everything but peace of mind. She starts a new journey again- opening up mediation centers and eventually becomes a spiritual guru.

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