One fine day Jyotika meets Joy – through her friend Tanya – and falls in love with him. Joy, who's a blind person, impresses Jyotika. He's an extra ordinarily talented poet and writer. Tanya, at the time of introduction, tells Jyotika that Joy is a genius. Joy later on, proves Tanya right.

The story moves on and one morning Jyotika realizes that Joy has betrayed her and in reality, he is not blind. She also comes to know that Tanya and Joy had schemed and planned to get the evidence, which was lying with Jyotika and the evidence could help their friends to get away from the law. Their friends were supposed to be convicted in a serious allegation by Sanjana (a physically abused girl), where Jyotika was a prime witness

Jyotika didn't react and accepted the fate and sent an SMS (short messaging service) to Joy stating that he should not disclose the fact that he cheated on her – pretending to be a blind person – just to take away the evidence. She writes further in the SMS that 'we should care about blind people who see the world through our eyes'. If ever, people will hear about this incident, they'll stop trusting the blind.

Though Joy has won and successfully taken away the evidence, he feels defeated and decides to return the evidence to Jyotika and wait for justice. Obviously, the verdict was against his friends, which Joy accepted in the end.